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May 26th, Zagreb


The advent of the internet and information technology has made digital democracy a possibility. The technology to improve our democracy and participation is already available. Digital technology has enhanced many sectors across our society. Currently digital tools exist in democracy and participation but are underused.


Foresight Democracy aims to build on this progress and accelerate integration. Digital democracy can ensure our governments become more reflective, accurate and engaging when representing citizens. Digital democracy is not a solution but a tool we need to explore and implement further. Innovation has the opportunity to reduce the democratic deficit and redefine new forms or modes of democracy to support our evolving societies.


Foresight Democracy aims to promote and highlight innovation to improve democracy. The event creates a platform for digital democracy influencers and thought leaders to promote their ideas, experiences and visions for the future.


The event also provides an opportunity for digital platforms to raise awareness through highlighting and educating the positive impact their platforms can have within democracy alongside helping governments understand and benefit from numerous apps, platforms and websites.


Developing digital skills and knowledge will enable policymakers, governments and political parties to rebuild trust in democracy through developing, implementing and maintaining digital tools.


  • Developing a more nuanced understanding of participation

  • Bridging the digital divide

  • Understanding motivations for participation

  • Balancing aspiration and reality

  • Making digital democracy the ‘new normal’

  • Capitalising on new technologies

  • Addressing the gaps in digital democracy initiatives

  • Understanding what works in digital democracy: impact and evaluation

  • Determine the limits to digital democracy


  • Understand the latest trends within democratic innovation

  • Learn best practice within different types of digital democracy

  • Network with digital democracy practitioners and innovators

  • Build dialogue with solution providers and digital platforms



Hilton Garden Inn Zagreb


Radnicka Street

21, Zagreb, 10000