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Harnessing Digital and Social Media Platforms to Enhance Democracy and Governance


Digital technology can ensure our governments become more reflective, accurate and engaging when representing citizens through utilising and embracing innovation. However, combining digital technology with democratic processes has advanced slowly when comparing its integration across many other aspects of life and business.


The recent pandemic has led many governments, organisations, communities and individuals to rethink their approaches and we have experienced the successful application of digital and social media platforms supporting government communication and engagement with their citizens and communities.


This webinar seeks to learn and build from these experiences alongside highlighting why and how digital and social media platforms can become good for governments and governance. The episode aims to uncover not what digital and social platforms do but how their technology and reach can be harnessed to support civic engagement.

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  • Exploring how digital and social media platforms have supported governments in helping citizens and helping citizens communicate better with governments


  • Strategies for disseminating authoritative information around a subject and combatting misinformation


  • Creating opportunities to access and find a sense political community and develop this cornerstone of democracy which also represents changing behaviours of citizens


  • Looking at the “power down to people, people to people and people back up to people” semiosis from the technology and social media vantage point


  • Illustrating adequate ecosystems, challenges and consequences of technological disruption within civic engagement


  • Highlighting areas where technology is impacting democracy in a positive way through case studies.


09:30 -> 10:15 -> PRESENTATION

Utilising Facebook as a Community Engagement Platform


10:15 -> 11:00 -> PANEL DISCUSSION

Helping Connect Communities with Authoritative Information and Helpful Resources


11:00 -> 11:30 -> PRESENTATION

Accelerating Digital Integration into our Policymaking and Governance Processes

A Digital Sense of Community: The Future Cornerstone of Democracy


11:30 -> 12:00 – PANEL DISCUSSION

Developing a Digital Citizen Engagement System via Social Media


12:00 -> 12:30 – PANEL DISCUSSION

Digitalising Citizen Engagement – Some Lessons from the Field

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