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Digital Democracy Conference

  Launching That First Digital Democracy Conference

Free speech has exponentially taken a massively different turn in the digital age. It has become so powerful, particularly through social media, that the influence can easily be associated with country government turnovers as well as affecting elections in major first world countries today. So, a digital democracy conference is not outside the realm of realistic popular events people would attend. In fact, such an event placed right and marketed correctly would likely generate a very big draw and audience. As a result, planning and schedule for such a conference is essential to provide a quality agenda, good speakers, good networking and interactive forums, education resources and more. This is not the type of conference event to bring in a rookie firm handling event marketing for the first time. A professional like Foresight Events is a must-have to kick off this kind of conference in the UK as a success and keep it that way annually. Trust experience on this one and be impressed.