Emerging Technology and Frontier Markets

Emerging Technology and Frontier Markets

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When it comes to technical markets, general communications and marketing are not going to make any kind of an impression that can then be leveraged into more serious discussions. Instead, for players looking for market entry or positioning within emerging technology and frontier markets, one has to work with a company that already has a close familiarity with what is needed in-country and in the industry. The technical background knowledge is critical to get past the initial test of whether a new player is a serious entity to consider or not. Foresight Event’s marketing UK approach is specifically keyed into emerging technology criteria as well as supported by the latest research on changes and player movement on new breakthroughs. This is the kind of alignment that makes a difference for a new player introduced correctly into such markets, and Foresight Events in Covent Garden can be that expert guidance.


  Consider the Power of Bespoke Events and Event Services


A key method of product or service platform introduction and awareness building has arguably been London Bespoke events and event services with related goals. These intentional conferences have been so effective, many companies use them to build an ongoing community and “fan club” around their service or product. The tech industry first started this approach a few decades ago with annual conferences based on discussion, product developments, and side developments around a particular software or product suite. Since then, the idea can be applied to just about any industry with amazing marketing results that then to become an annual go-to holiday for dedicated product/service communities. Foresight Events has professionally developed and built Bespoke events for clients on a regular basis, and can do the same for your platform, either segueing it into an existing model at an industry level or generating a brand new event. Call today to find out more.

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