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Reaching the outer most edge of what is possible

At Foresight we accelerate growth and innovation by organising impactful events that connect industry leaders and visionaries. Our focus is on fostering collaboration, driving technological advancements, and promoting sustainable practices across various sectors. Through our conferences, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, we empower industries to evolve and meet future challenges effectively.



Achieving NetZero is crucial for mitigating climate change, protecting ecosystems, and ensuring a sustainable future. By balancing carbon emissions with removal or elimination, NetZero helps to stabilise the planet’s climate, reduce environmental impacts, and promote sustainable economic growth, essential for future generations.



Hydrogen is pivotal for a sustainable future due to its versatility as a clean energy carrier. It can significantly reduce carbon emissions by replacing fossil fuels in sectors like transportation and industry. Hydrogen enables energy storage from renewable sources, stabilizing energy supply and advancing global decarbonization efforts, making it essential for achieving NetZero targets and combating climate change.


Future Aviation

Future aviation is essential for creating sustainable and efficient air travel. It focuses on innovative technologies like electric and hybrid aircraft, advanced materials, and AI for optimizing flight operations. These advancements aim to reduce carbon emissions, lower operational costs, and improve overall safety and efficiency in the aviation industry, leading to greener skies and more sustainable global connectivity.


Space and Satellites

Space and satellites are vital for enhancing global connectivity, advancing scientific research, and supporting critical infrastructure. They enable precise navigation, weather forecasting, and environmental monitoring. By exploring space, we unlock new technological frontiers, driving innovation and expanding our understanding of the universe.


Fission and Fusion

Gen IV fission and fusion technologies are at the forefront of clean energy innovation. Gen IV fission reactors promise safer, more efficient, and less wasteful energy production. Fusion, the process powering stars, aims to provide virtually limitless energy with minimal environmental impact. Together, they represent the next leap in sustainable and reliable energy sources, crucial for meeting future global energy demand


Carbon Removal

Carbon removal is essential for addressing climate change by directly extracting CO₂ from the atmosphere. Technologies like direct air capture and natural solutions like reforestation help reduce atmospheric carbon levels, complementing emission reductions. These methods are crucial for achieving NetZero goals and stabilizing the climate.


Martime and Offshore

Maritime and offshore sectors are crucial for global trade and energy production. These industries are evolving towards sustainability, with innovations in clean energy sources like offshore wind and advancements in green shipping technologies. Enhancing efficiency and reducing environmental impact are key priorities, ensuring the future of maritime operations remains robust and eco-friendly.


Quantum Technology

Quantum technology leverages quantum mechanics to revolutionize computing, communications, and sensing. It enables ultra-fast processing, secure quantum encryption, and highly precise measurements, promising transformative impacts across various industries from healthcare to finance.


AI for Industry

AI for industry revolutionizes operations by optimizing processes, enhancing decision-making, and improving productivity. It enables predictive maintenance, automates workflows, and drives innovation across sectors like manufacturing, logistics, and energy. With AI, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock new opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

Event Portfolio

LIVE 2024

Advanced nuclear technology conference and exhibition focusing on generation IV and fusion reactors power a range of applications and scenarios.

LIVE 2024

Dual streamed conference focusing on sustainable and future aviation and growing the UK space market, infrastructure and novel applications.

LIVE 2025

Hydrogen value chain conference and exhibition focusing on core hydrogen production projects, industrial decarbonisation and hydrogen within transportation.

LIVE 2025

Discovering the role of quantum software and hardware across industry and preparing supply chains with the role of quantum to develop a range of products.

LIVE 2024

Industrial decarbonisation conference and exhibition aiming to reduce and remove carbon emissions from industrial manufacturers, refineries and power stations.

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