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2023 sees Geotechnics celebrate 40 years of designing, innovating and delivering high quality

Geotechnics are one of the UK's largest independent Ground Investigation specialists, employing over 100 people across its offices in Chester, Coventry, and Exeter. In addition, we have a UKAS accredited Geotechnical Testing laboratory at our Coventry facility.

We deal with the engineering and environmental interaction between earth materials and the built environment. We work with soil, rock, groundwater, and other man-made materials to help ground truth and understand the site-specific engineering behaviour beneath our feet.

Geotechnics offers value through its research, investigation, testing, monitoring, reporting and evaluation to reduce the risks associated with the unknowns at the pre-construction stage.

Working on renewable projects, whether onshore, near-shore or offshore, we have gained industry-leading knowledge about the challenges of the sector, from early engagement and collaboration, stakeholder engagement and environmental protection to difficult access.

We are keen to get involved in project discussions as soon as possible to better understand the aims and goals of the project, stakeholder expectations, environmental sensitivities, and to help advise on the most appropriate ground investigation techniques to deploy.

Geotechnics are a key member of the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) and hold UVDB, Constructionline and CyberEssentials accreditation.

Ahead of his attendance at Foresight Net Zero Live Geotechnics’ Managing Director, Paul Hayes, said:

“2023 sees Geotechnics celebrate 40 years of designing, innovating and delivering high quality and environmentally assured site investigation works - we welcome the opportunity at Foresight Net Zero Live 2023 to support our client’s projects, goals and the UK’s drive towards net zero.”

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