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Major Milestone for UK Hydrogen Industry Announced at Foresight Hydrogen Live 2024

Lord Callanan announces potential future hydrogen investment at Foresight Hydrogen Live

In a significant stride towards a sustainable and low-carbon future, HyNet's inaugural hydrogen production plant, HPP1, is making noteworthy progress. The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has officially endorsed this ground-breaking initiative by signing a statement of principles with EET Hydrogen, the developer behind HPP1.

This collaboration marks a crucial milestone in the pursuit of cleaner energy alternatives, as the hydrogen produced at HPP1 is slated to serve as a low-carbon substitute for natural gas in industries within the North West region. This strategic move is poised to contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions and fostering environmental sustainability.


The collaboration with EET Hydrogen not only signifies a pivotal moment for HyNet but also underscores the importance of public-private partnerships in driving forward the green energy agenda. By bringing together government agencies and private enterprises, this initiative is poised to set a precedent for future projects that aim to revolutionize energy production and consumption.


A notable highlight of this development was the presence of Lord Callanan at the Foresight Hydrogen Live 2024 conference in Liverpool. His attendance underscores the government's commitment to supporting and promoting sustainable energy initiatives. The conference served as a platform to discuss and showcase the advancements in hydrogen technology, fostering collaboration among industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators.

Joe Seifert, CEO of EET Hydrogen outlines plans for HPP1


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