Quantum Technology Conference

Could You Benefit From a Quantum Technology Conference?

When the first consumer computers were built, the floppy drives that stored data produced on them barely contained 300kb of data. The CPU in these big metal boxes barely could handle 1 mb of computational power at the time. Today’s computer and typical grade level laptop has enough processing power and storage to have run an entire company back then. So, imagine what happens when quantum technology, which is the next exponential step in advanced computational power and technology starts to make a presence. Interestingly, all of that can happen in a London conference setting, bringing critical players together between academia, business and technology when set up properly. If you’re thinking it’s time for your UK region to realize what quantum technology can potentially deliver, then it’s time to have a talk in Covent Garden with Foresight Events to set up a quantum technology conference in your city. The impact could be far greater than anyone realized in terms of synergies in basic conference meeting discussions.


  Generating a Hydrogen Power Conference


The massive energy and job impact a hydrogen power project can create for a community can be impressive. Whole towns have been doubled or tripled in size because of an adjacent project being sited in the area. And that means significant economic growth for the local jurisdiction as well as related public programs as well. However, planning a hydrogen power conference takes a good amount of expertise, especially in the topic. Those who attend these events are looking for technical networking, education, exchange of ideas and market movement. They are not interested in a general marketing showcasing display. Foresight Events has a serious amount of depth in developing a hydrogen power conference for regional exposure as well as building partnership between jurisdictions and potential business players looking for potential operations siting. These kinds of UK conferences can be significant catalysts if developed correctly. Call Foresight Events to learn more because your next growth opportunity may just be a conference away.

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