Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Conference

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Conference Could Be the Next Big Thing

Otherwise known as drones, unmanned aerial devices have the potential to generate a significant business convergence. These tech devices are so popular and so versatile across industries, the real impact of drones is just starting to become realized. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Conference events are a great way to leverage this multi-industry interest for your related drone product or service. A UAM can easily become one of the big regional go-to events for aerial tech because drones can be applied in so many different ways already. Foresight Events has been engaged with customers and clients already in establishing UAM events, and that kind of depth can be essential in ground-starting a new similar type conference for interested market participants. If you think your area is ready for a drone-related UAM conference, then you very likely should have a discussion with Foresight Events on how to get started with a big impact.


  An Electric Aviation Conference Creates a Mark on the Map


If there was going to be a UK market disruptor in terms of a growing popular product, it may very well be electric aviation. Since its start, the aviation industry has been predominantly a combustion engine business. Granted, there have been some experiments in solar planes and gliders, but the petroleum-powered engine has been the core of how a plane gets powered off the ground. Now, electric engine planes are starting to make a presence. For regional markets that want to showcase the possibilities and create networking groundswells for more electric aviation interest, an electric aviation conference may very well be a smart play. As a natural convergence of market players and interested parties as well as startup creators, conference provide a great means by which to bring the right people together. Foresight Events in Covent Garden has an expertise in creating and managing such London events smoothly. For a serious discussion on what’s possible, connect with Foresight’s experts to learn more.

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