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Key Decision Makers From Urban Air Mobility Industry Sectors will Meet in London in May 2020

Following on from the success of Foresight Aerospace’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) December 2019 event, Foresight is delighted to announce its next UAM industry-wide conference and exhibition will take place in London on May 29th.

This highly focused Foresight Aerospace 2020 one-day event will discuss UAM government policy, regulatory aspects, technology break-throughs and public acceptance. Key decision-makers from government, regulators and industry will meet to discuss the next steps that will need to be taken to bring UAM from a concept to a reality.

“This meeting is a unique platform for eVTOL innovators and pioneers to highlight the progress they are making and for all other stakeholders to understand where the next key milestones will be in delivering UAM services,” said Foresight’s Eric Lewis. “It will highlight advancements within electric and hydrogen cell propulsion for aircraft and bring together representatives from the entire eco system to discuss how progress can be made.”

Foresight Aerospace 2020 is a one-day innovation conference, exhibition and networking event covering the latest developments, strategies and opportunities within Sustainable Aviation, Urban Air Mobility and Enabling Technology sectors.


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