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ODE Provides Ongoing Expertise to DOLPHYN Project

International engineering and technical service provider Offshore Design Engineering Ltd (ODE) has been supporting the ERM DOLPHYN project over the last three years, delivering engineering support to the floating offshore wind project which is led by engineering partner ERM. ERM DOLPHYN (Deepwater Offshore Local Production of HYdrogeN) is a patented technology that uses an array of moored floating substructures, each of which possesses a wind turbine and localised hydrogen production, to produce ‘green’ hydrogen at scale. Avoiding the traditional process of producing hydrogen through fossil fuels, the ERM DOLPHYN project has been recognised for its efficient resource usage and environmental sustainability.

Thus far, ODE has contributed engineering works across the concept, FEED and detailed design stages for the project’s hydrogen production units, supporting facilities, export pipeline and onshore reception facility, interface engineering with the sub-structure and WTG. Individual works have included the development of a detailed process design, electrical systems, plant layout, 3D model and technical safety reviews.

The project has been funded by the Energy Innovation Programme, run by the UK Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Learn more about floating offshore wind Hydrogen production @ the Foresight Hydrogen - Production: Conference and Exhibition in London, Feb 24th.

About ODE

ODE (Offshore Design Engineering Limited) is an international technical service provider to the oil and gas and renewable energy markets. As part of the DORIS Group with over 55 years’ experience, ODE provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, procurement, project management and construction support services to its clients.

Since entering the offshore wind market in 2000, the company has undertaken 57 projects in 17 countries totally more than 25GW of installed capacity.

ODE’s head office is in Wimbledon, London, where it undertakes consultancy and engineering services for oil and gas and renewable projects. ODE also has a significant engineering presence in Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen. Internationally, ODE has project management offices for renewables in the United States, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

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