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Water: the new Net Zero

As industry gears up for decarbonisation, water supply is likely to be the twin challenge that companies face in achieving their carbon goals, water specialist Evides will warn at Foresight’s NetZero – Industry conference in London, October 13th.

Already, companies such as Google, Microsoft and BP are pledging to replenish more water than they consume within 10 or 15 years, recognising that climate change is exacerbating the difficulties of the water supply industry and threatening global drinking-water resources.

With billions of people still not having access to safe drinking water, demand is increasing. At the same time, climate change is causing droughts, increasing water stress around the globe.

In addition, the new technologies needed to achieve NetZero carbon, such as carbon capture and storage and hydrogen production, are particularly water-guzzling, putting further pressure on scarce water resources. And the digital revolution brings its own water challenges, more data centres needing more and more water for cooling.

The main users of the world’s freshwater supplies – industry and agriculture – will need to plan for a more water-stressed future, as water companies will prioritise providing drinking water supplies over industrial and agricultural needs.

A key factor in overcoming industrial water supply challenges will be water reuse technologies and the industrial expertise needed to design and build the correct schemes to support industries and industrial clusters to achieve NetZero water.

Colin Robinson, Evides’ Business Manager UK & Ireland, explains: “Some big-name companies are aware of the water challenge and are starting to take action, but many firms are not yet aware of what they need to do over the coming years to guarantee sufficient water supply.

“Evides Industriewater has created water reuse schemes in Europe, which both future-proof industries and enhance the local environment, so there are solutions available now, it is just a case of firms fully getting to grips with the issue.”

Evides Industriewater has pioneered environmentally sustainable water solutions, maximising water recycling and reuse, to provide cost-efficient schemes for industry.

As an industry supplier, it focuses on solutions that avoid using drinking water, maximising, in an environmentally benign way, the use of waste water from both domestic and industrial sources.

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Colin Robinson – Evides UK Business Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 7455 721 799


Editor Notes

Evides Industriewater are specialists in industrial process water and wastewater treatment. Combining excellent service and maximum availability with effective innovation, Evides Industriewater is the perfect water partner for industry. Reliability, sustainability, and quality are the basic principles for the design and management of our plants. Our Design, Build, Finance & Operate contracts guarantee good water management in the long term. Evides provides professional asset management, which ensures efficient business operations, as we continuously integrate new knowledge and technology to improve our existing and new projects.


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