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Accelerating Urban Air Mobility and Electric Aviation - Obtain Foresight and be at the Forefront

The Challenge

The advent of Urban Air Mobility and Electric Aviation has been accelerated through key challenges and technological advancements. The key challenges represent the need to match growing demand for aviation whilst reducing carbon emissions. Traditional aviation also causes air and noise pollution impacting communities thus preventing airport expansion, potentially reducing economic growth and transport opportunities for regions. Within our cities, urbanisation and population growth has led to further congestion, pollution, travel times and demand for competitive transport modes. Overcoming these challenges has the potential to revolutionise transport once again within our cities, amongst our cities and across the continents and globe creating a new frontier within aerospace and aviation.

The Frontier

Innovation has already become the solution. Advancements within electric propulsion, battery technology, manufacturing, satellites, communications, sensors, autonomy and artificial intelligence alongside the established aerospace and aviation markets have created a ripe environment for eVTOL, electric and hybrid planes making flying safer, quieter, cleaner and more available.

Key indicators have been signalled. Industry leaders have committed to sustainability, investors have accelerated the growth of new-wave electric aircraft manufacturers, policymakers have aligned industrial policy and regulators are engaging with innovators. Sustainable aviation has the potential to expand the boundaries of our society but also our economy through creating new jobs, supply chains and business opportunities.

The Platform

Foresight Aerospace aims to highlight the challenges, explore the frontiers and solve challenges through a series of panel discussions and networking opportunities designed to promote thought leadership and collaboration in order to advance and devise the future of Urban Air Mobility and Electric Aviation.

Reasons to Attend

  • Understand current policy and highlighting future government strategy

  • Facilitate the development of new regulatory framework

  • Highlight potential business models and the vision for the future

  • Overcome the key barriers and challenges

  • Promote the latest trends within key areas of innovation

  • Share a platform to expand and promote the sustainable aviation and UAM ecosystem

Key Focus

Foresight Aerospace will be exploring the industry outlook, government policy, strategy and regulatory framework within Urban Air Mobility and Electric Aviation. The forum will then hone in on Urban Air Mobility and the vision, public acceptance, infrastructure, eVTOL and digital applications. The final part of the day will highlight the developments within battery technology, aircraft design and architecture and regional frontiers.


Foresight Aerospace welcomes professionals from a plethora of backgrounds to develop the necessary ecosystem and supply chain to make passenger Urban Air Mobility and Electric Aviation a possibility.

Policy, Regulation, Transportation, Aviation, Infrastructure, Renewables, Drones, Smart Cities, Engineering, Design, Sensors, Autonomous, Artificial Intelligence, Investment, Start-ups, Real Estate, Safety Systems, Sustainability, Unmanned Systems, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Maintenance, Air Traffic Management, Batteries, Utilities, Weather, Airports, Lawyers, Insurance, Satellites and more.


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