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HyNet joins Foresight Hydrogen Live

HyNet partner’s Progressive Energy Ltd, Cadent Gas Ltd and Vertex Hydrogen have become event partners with Foresight Hydrogen Live.

Located in Liverpool, Foresight Hydrogen Live 2023 will take place on February 8 and 9, whereby HyNet have become event partners as the region aims to be the summit of hydrogen and CCUS in the UK.

HyNet brings together the technology and infrastructure needed to move the region rapidly into the netzero future, including producing low carbon hydrogen that can be used to power the regions industrial sector.

Hydrogen and Carbon Capture technology will play a key role in decarbonising the North West and North Wales with around 40% of the UK’s Net Zero target coming from HyNet alone.

HyNet will have the capacity to support over 6000 jobs / year during the construction phase of the project and enable the major industrials across the region to decarbonise.

‘HyNet are delighted to become partners at this fantastic North West event. HyNet has the capability, by 2030, to reduce the regions emissions by 25%”



Amy Bodey, Head of Communications for HyNet

+447754 852979

James Pout, Communications for HyNet


About Foresight Hydrogen Live

Foresight Hydrogen Live 2023 is an international conference, exhibition and networking event bringing the hydrogen ecosystem from around the world.

Liverpool, located in the Northwest of England, plays host to the country’s leading Hydrogen cluster and therefore plays a fitting location for the global Hydrogen community.

The event will provide the opportunity for the global Hydrogen ecosystem to share thought leadership, highlight leading projects, build relationships, attract investment, shape future policy and advance hydrogen economies.

The event aims to transform Hydrogen into a serious global force to deliver NetZero, expand our economic boundaries, create jobs and secure a sustainable future for all.

The impact of Hydrogen across energy, industry, buildings and transport provides a realistic solution to decarbonise these hard to abate sectors and Foresight Hydrogen Live plans to prove it.

About Progressive Energy

Progressive Energy are experts in project development and implementation with extensive experience of overcoming the technical and commercial challenges associated with bringing new technologies to market. The team are passionate about tackling climate change by creating meaningful and deliverable projects.

Progressive Energy translate innovative technologies, such as hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), into concepts and ideas all the way through to their deployment to make a material difference to climate change.

Progressive Energy originated and leads the development of the HyNet decarbonisation cluster.

For more information, visit

About HyNet

HyNet is a low carbon energy project at the forefront of the UK’s journey to a Net Zero future, being developed by a consortium of world-leading organisations. From the mid-2020’s, HyNet will produce, store and distribute hydrogen as well as capturing and storing carbon. It will decarbonise the North West of England and North Wales through the creation of state of-the-art infrastructure.

This game-changing project has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 10 million tonnes every year by 2030 – the equivalent of taking four million cars off the road. HyNet will create and maintain thousands of local jobs, as well as enable long-term sustainability for businesses and financial security for communities across the region.

The HyNet consortium includes Progressive Energy, Cadent, Essar, INOVYN, Eni, University of Chester, Vertex Hydrogen, Viridor and Hanson.

For more information, visit


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