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Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure to support Decarbonisation Strategies

At Air Products, we believe we have a higher purpose, and that’s to bring people together to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental sustainability challenges

Air Products is the world’s largest hydrogen producer, with over 60 years’ experience. We work across all facets of the hydrogen value chain – from production to distribution, storage and dispensing.

We work together with our customers, providing hydrogen solutions to support them on their sustainability journey. And we partner with select industry experts and governments on large-scale solutions.

Together we are providing lower-carbon and zero-carbon hydrogen solutions that address some of the world’s most significant energy and environmental challenges, moving us all toward a cleaner energy future.

We’re proud to be a first mover in large scale, clean hydrogen production. We operate the world’s largest hydrogen pipeline system and are a first-class liquid hydrogen supplier. We have hands-on operating experience with over 250 hydrogen fuelling station projects in 20 countries. Our technologies are used in over 1.5 million fuelling operations annually.

Air Products is visible on a world-stage: we are proud to be at the centre of globally significant hydrogen projects:

  • Working together with the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta, we are building the world’s most competitive and lowest-carbon-intensity hydrogen network.

  • The NEOM green hydrogen project in Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest based on proven, world-class technology - and it’s a game changer in how the world gets its energy

  • The Louisiana Blue Hydrogen Clean Energy Complex mega project will produce over 750 million standard cubic feet per day of blue hydrogen and capture over five million metric tons per year of CO2.

Delivering reliable end-to-end solutions: from production to distribution to stations. We have a holistic offering and focus our expertise and investment on every part of the value chain. We deliver a complete service – in a complex industry – for our customers, offering a dependable supply of hydrogen, quality equipment, reliable stations, time savings and cost efficiencies.

We are vested in driving hydrogen forward by strategically partnering with select industry experts and governments on large-scale solutions. We seek to harness our collective expertise to elevate hydrogen as a safe and effective energy carrier and to provide the more sustainable and environmentally impactful solutions that our customers seek.


Manish Patel, Business Manager - Hydrogen for Mobility UKI

Shahid Sheikh, Business Development Manager - Hydrogen for Mobility UKI

Hector Wilson, Sustainability & Operations Lead Hydrogen for Mobility UKI

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